Add-on Partners

We Collaborate with Microsoft certified Add-on partners to enhance performance for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


Integrate JMI Commission and brokerage service with Microsoft Dynamics 365| NAV | AX and Eliminate hours of commission calculations

Set up Commission rules

Users can create and manage different commission rules. Commission rules can be based on divisions (area), individual sales reps, products/service and retail dealer of an organization.

Smart Commission calculation

Our commission rules read through all sales documents to find eligible transactions and prepare commission entries for review and editing. Approved entries are posted to a commission ledger for future payments and permanent record keeping.

Convert commissions to payment

Once commissions are approved, in one click, users can convert all posted commission entries to A/P or Payroll depending on the customer.

Payment trigger

Payments can be transferred once the sales order has been processed or after the customer has paid.



  • A flexible and powerful rules-based approach
  • Automatically book expense and liability
  • Supports an unlimited number of commission rules and payments
  • Automatically converts approved commissions to A/P and payroll
  • Email trigger to a sales rep once the commission is approved
  • Provides historical ledger of processed commissions
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