Warehouse Handling Automation

Plug and play WHA with your existing system for inventory accuracy and cost efficiency.

Warehouse Handling Automation


The WHA automates both inbound and outbound material tracking. We developed this application to handle warehouse transactions and integration between other ERP products. Users can access the warehouse transactions using a phone or a tablet for barcode scanning, label printing, packing slip generation, and posting transactions. In addition, users have the ability to view the order status, shipment details, posted transactions based on the roles and permissions provided in the application.

Benefits of Integrating WHA with your existing system


  • Reduced shrinkage
  • Reduced carrying costs through effective inventory management and JIT inventory practices
  • Reduced visible and concealed damage creating significant savings
  • Fewer return orders due to higher accuracy and less product damage
  • Reduced replenishment and better decision-making with detailed inventory reports
Labour Savings

Labour Savings

  • Reduced labor for manual feeding of inventory data
  • Overtime reduction due to increased throughput
  • Minimize new hire training


  • Reduced overall order cycle time / faster response time to customer
  • Simplified material flow paths
  • Increased reliability and uptime
  • System balancing through elimination of material handling bottlenecks
  • Improved scheduling drives smooth workflow and increases productivity
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